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Voice in Action

“Speaking is part of a whole: an expression of inner life.”

Cicely Berry

Have you ever wondered how you can develop a richer, more flexible and interesting voice?

Would you like to speak with greater confidence?

Do you ‘run out of breath’ when speaking?

Does your voice feel tired or strained after speaking for long periods of time?

Or are you quite simply, tired of not being heard?


Your voice and how you communicate is a deeply personal expression of who you are – think of it as your vocal fingerprint.

Voice in Action explores the fundamental tools of voice production, and how you can use these to your communication advantage.

Voice in Action will help you access the ‘secret sauce’ of audience engagement.

Prepare yourself to release the full range and vitality of your voice so you can connect with your audience on a moment to moment basis.

Voice in Action offers you the tools to;
  • Express yourself with greater confidence;
  • Understand how your voice works so you can use it more effectively;
  • Connect with your breath in order to connect with yourself, your content and your audience;
  • Expand your vocal reach safely and effectively;
  • Understand how to keep your voice healthy and functioning well;
  • Express yourself clearly and articulately;
  • Express yourself and your ideas with greater strength, persuasiveness and commitment.
  • Allow your voice to tell your story.
Our relaxed, informal training environment creates the space for you to put your new skills into practice immediately, with clear, direct and immediate feedback.
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Have you got what it takes to be heard?

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