Welcome to The Voice Practice

Welcome to The Voice Practice

Hi, I’m Kirstie O’Sullivan and welcome to The Voice Practice blog.

When we launched The Voice Practice we set out to offer an integrated approach to speaking, presentation and communication training.

That’s all well and good, but presentation trainers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, so what’s our point of difference you may very well ask. And integrated? What the heck do you mean by that we hear you cry?

Quite simply, we focus on helping you to find your voice.

We believe that the act of speaking, in any environment (big groups, small groups, one to one, in front of a camera, in front of students, in front of voters – you  name it) is just the tip of the communication iceberg. Part of a larger, exciting and intricately connected whole.

How we speak and how we communicate is informed by everything that’s going on in our heads and in our hearts. It’s informed by our environment, our physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual life. In short how we speak is completely informed by who we are and what we’ve got to say.

Big stuff. And not so easy to fit on a ‘Services’ page.

So…welcome to our blog. This is where we can keep you up to date with cutting edge voice, presentation and communication techniques.

We’re going to explore the power of language, the power of connecting truthfully and authentically with your audience (whoever they may be) and most importantly we’re going to explore the power  of connecting with your voice in order to connect with others more effectively.

We’ve always got a lot to say (funny that), but we’re really interested in hearing from you too. What do you need? How can we help you achieve your mission of becoming a clear, confident, connected and inspiring communicator?

This is the place to let us know. We want to connect with you. You can find The Voice Practice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Join our mailing list or email us directly.

And you know what – we know that life is busy and we have to earn our space in your life. So our commitment to you is not only to deliver incredible content to help you on your journey, but we’re going to package it in bite sized chunks so you can put it into practice immediately . Make sure you hold us to that.

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