Public Workshops

 Voice in Action: Understanding Your Voice & Using it Effectively

micrtophone-concertHave you ever wondered how you can develop a richer, more flexible and interesting voice?

Would you like to speak with greater confidence?

Does your voice feel tired or strained after speaking for long periods of time?

Voice in Action explores the basic tools of voice production, and how you can use these to your communication advantage, both in your personal and professional life.

When: 2 days, Saturday 23 February and 2 March, 10am – 3:30pm

Where: The University of Auckland, Building No. 810, 1-11 Short Street, City Campus.

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The Actor’s Voice

The Actor's Voice TAPThe Actor’s Voice is a two day experiential workshop which explores the interdependence of your voice, breath and body.

Voice training is a key component of any actor’s toolkit and we want to share our process with you.

This is an introductory level workshop, perfect for actors who are wanting to explore and strengthen their vocal connection.

Ask us when the next The Actor’s Voice workshop will be in your hood!