The Presenter’s Voice

“Your voice can change the world.”

Barack Obama

The Presenter’s Voice is an in-house experiential training intensive which takes place over 2 x 4 hour group sessions, 1 week apart. This format is designed to encourage participants to apply the techniques introduced in the first session throughout the week.

A 50 minute 1:1 session with each team member is then conducted following the group training in order for specific, individual needs to be met.

What Makes a Great Presenter?

We’ve all seen the speakers who ‘tick all the boxes’. They’ve been to a presentation training course or two (perhaps even several), and attended the odd public speaking workshop, and although they’ve managed to honour the basics of making eye contact, cracking the occasional funny and are offering ‘take-aways’ they still manage to seem as if they’re undergoing a massive, not entirely pleasant endurance test.

Sound Familiar?

There seems to be a disconnection between the speaker, their content and their audience. Although they have a few basic tools under their belt they still seem awkward and not as effective as they could be.

Contrast this with those we think of as ‘natural’ communicators. Someone who displays presence and charisma.

These speakers are relaxed yet energised.  They are present (it’s no accident this word forms the basis of presence) on a moment to moment basis.

Their skill level is such that their audience doesn’t notice this speaker is ‘ticking all the boxes’ – all they know is they feel connected to the speaker, engaged with their delivery and galvanised into action.

Could This Be You?

Is this possible for someone who doesn’t think of themselves as a ‘natural’ speaker? Someone who feels sick to the stomach at the thought of making a presentation, chairing a meeting or being interviewed on television?

We believe that it is.

Some of us have an aptitude for this sort of thing, the same way some of us have an aptitude for being a top musician or sportsperson. Great. We can help you be even better.

If, on the other hand, this speaking and presenting business is an unwelcome but necessary part of your life and you have, quite frankly, bigger fish to fry – we can help you be the best you can possibly be.

Fear of speaking in front of others is a social phobia related to self-presentation in front of an audience. Which is why we start with you. Who you are and how you work.

Our secret weapon is one of your greatest assets – your voice.

Who is The Presenter’s Voice For?

If you and your team;

How Do We Do It?

We have adapted the tools professional performers use to suit your individual and corporate needs, providing you with sophisticated and powerful communication techniques that not only work – they enable you to enjoy the process.

Now, given that 75% of us experience presentation anxiety at some stage, who would have thought that was possible?

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