Bernice Mene, MNZM – Sky TV Commentator, TV Presenter and Former Silver Fern

I spent four hours with Kirstie and learnt an incredible amount in that time about voice – how we breathe, techniques and tips as well as implementation and practise. Kirstie’s knowledge and experience is extensive and she tailored my programme to address my needs. The improvement from start to finish was marked.

I only wish I had made contact with Kirstie earlier and would highly recommend her.

Kylie Kneale – Head of Marketing: New Zealand – Xero

I recently contracted Kirstie to coach me for a corporate video.

While a confident public speaker I had no experience with a script and speaking in front of a camera.

Kirstie was fantastic in coaching me to achieve the following;

• Understanding the script and how to interpret what is written.

• The importance of tone and the impact it can have on the final delivery.

• Techniques to relax and manage any nerves.

• Skills on how to work with a camera.

The manner in which Kirstie teaches is effective as she is approachable yet firm in keeping to the focus of what we were trying to achieve. The result of the time spent with Kirstie was that the video was filmed efficiently as I was confident in my delivery and nerves did not get in the way. All her techniques were easy to remember on the day when it counted!

Kirstie is a professional with great technical skills that enable her to communicate and coach effectively. I would definitely recommend her services.

Rachael D’Aguiar – Co-Director: Worldwide Salon Marketing NZ

I asked Kirstie to come into my salon to train my staff in communication.

I needed them up skilled in answering the phone professionally, greeting clients, rebooking future appointments and building a commonality with clients often from a very differing social background.

Because of the nature of our salon this all needed to be achieved whilst the girls maintained their vibrant personalities and a sense of fun – no easy task!

My staff were absolutely thrilled with the training they received from Kirstie. Not only did they thoroughly enjoy themselves but they immediately integrated the skills she had taught them because they were so encouraged and motivated.

I now have a telephone which is answered impeccably every time but not only that, it has become a sales tool for us too. The confidence they picked up in their training session has helped us to attain a client rebooking rate of 80-90% so my return on investment has been outstanding.

My girls are begging for more, I think I’ll need Kirstie to get her diary out…..If you are looking for the best trainer in any style of communication, look no further. I highly recommend The Voice Practice and will be using them again and again.

Jacqueline Dollard – Producer – Brand Developers Ltd

We are a direct marketing company whose success is directly related to the performance of our presenters.

I know I can rely on Kirstie to bring out the best performance in any talent we send her way. She is a professional actor herself who is able to bring her own experience, background and talents to her tutorials that is more personalized and practical and more effective than the usual classes and courses out there that tend to function more as a mill.

Our presenters are always very keen to work with her on brushing up and sharpening their skills.

Margot Mortland – Transition Manager – Supplied Services – Property Auckland Council

Kirstie was an amazing voice and presentation coach.

• Assessed me quickly.

• Actively listened to what I wanted from our sessions.

• Put me at ease throughout.

• Provided vocal exercises so I could progress on my own between sessions resulting in quick and sustainable vocal improvements that continue to help me with my presentations.

I strongly recommend you try out Kirstie’s services for yourself.

Helen Burns – Project Recruitment Consultant

I had the good fortune to attend a weekend workshop on voice skills that Kirstie designed and facilitated. One word – `brilliant`!

The range of attendees were diverse – from very experienced actors to corporate trainers, yet with Kirstie`s delivery style and well thought out programme, she was able to involve everyone equally. She is high energy, passionate about her craft, knowledgeable about her profession, creative, professional and lots of fun. I\’m looking forward to working with Kirstie again in the future.

Fiona McKee – Author – Sunline: Heart of a Champion

I had the pleasure of working with Kirstie O’Sullivan for a short time in 2004 and again in early 2005. At the time I was preparing to do some publicity work associated with the launching of my first book, in the form of television and radio interviews. Kirstie gave me an invaluable insight into the interview process; through her holistic approach to voice articulation and clear communication.

Being an artist, I find that I often have many ideas floating around my head at any one time. Consequently, it is sometimes difficult to get my point across clearly. That is where I found Kirstie’s training techniques very useful in assisting me to clearly articulate my thoughts and communicate the essence of what I wanted to express.

I also found Kirstie to be very committed to her craft and passionate about her work; as well as very personable and compassionate.

Dr Daniel Exeter – Lecturer: School of Population Health – Auckland University

Kirstie is an expert voice-coach who quickly identified areas for improvement. By tweaking my pitch, tone & diction, Kirstie has improved my presentations to large audiences – and my confidence. Those improvements are also reflected in my teaching evaluations, for which I am very grateful.

Thanks Kirstie, and all the very best for the future!

Priscilla Allan – Teacher

Hi Kirstie,

Thanks for the course; I gained a deeper understanding of the components of voice. You unpacked and exposed the multiple contributors to our voice, then put them back together, which resulted in greater awareness of our own voices. You also taught us how to care for our voice using hydration, moderation, posture and being mindful of unnecessary tension.

Shane Bosher – Artistic Director – Silo Theatre

Silo Theatre employed Kirstie as a dialect consultant on our 2009 production of HOLDING THE MAN. When setting out to create the production, we worked from resources such as online dialect tools and Australian cinema. In practice, we found that this could only take us so far. The ensemble nature of the production meant that some characters were playing up to 8 characters each, from differing ethnicities, cultural contexts and economic backgrounds (and sometimes from other genders too!). We found the assistance of Kirstie most beneficial. She came in to supervise a run in the last week of rehearsal, listening for distinct peculiarities in sound and irregularities and inconsistencies. One of the most valuable pieces of feedback was centred around the geographical differences in dialect – the work was set in both Melbourne and Sydney and Kirstie worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that we are all aware of this subtle distinctions. Kirstie worked to ensure that each of the actors was aware of their own idiosyncratic tendencies – and offered them ways to overcome these in performance. A most beneficial exercise indeed!!

Ross Gumbley – Artistic Director – The Court Theatre

From the time I was appointed as artistic director at The Court Theatre I have wanted to institute company classes. In April of this year we initiated that programme by inviting Kirstie O’Sullivan to take The Court acting company in a voice workshop. Voice production is key in the presentation of text based theatre. We are blessed with the most intimate spaces at The Court Theatre (Our main house seats 293 with a very sympathetic acoustic. And our studio space, The Forge has 123 seats). I want these spaces to be filled with well supported, rich human voices and I discussed these desires with Kirstie before hand and she tailored a voice workshop specifically for The Court Company.

To say I was delighted with the results would be an understatement. Kirstie is expert at what she does and leads her workshops in a very open and highly professional manner. It seems to me that her approach is holistic – that voice is inseparable from the actor’s over all technique.

This treatment of the voice is very much up to date and at the cutting edge of vocal theory.

Kirstie O`Sullivan came to our company and led us in a voice workshop that delivered dramatic and immediate results. We will most certainly be asking her to take more workshops in the future.

Scot Hall – Actor and Singer

I worked with Kirstie when she ran an Actor-Training workshop (The Actor`s Voice) for the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme at the University of Waikato.

Traveling to Hamilton to teach the week long workshop, Kirstie was extremely knowledgeable and genuine in her interactions with each of the participants.

We got the sense that the workshop was well prepared and tested to ensure that every hour was of value to the participants. At the same time Kirstie customised the sessions to cover specific actors` personal needs and concerns.

I would sign up to any other workshop Kirstie offered in a heart beat. Indeed, I took part in my second workshop with Kirstie earlier this year.

Kate Vox – Actor & Owner ‘That Fit Couple’ Personal Training

Kirstie`s approach to voice can be summed up in two words: Voice Joy, and she means it!

Her warm love for people and caring approach in helping them to achieve their vocal goals is evident the moment you meet her. Equally astounding is her understanding of what is needed on a person to person basis.

She`s equally great in group sessions, creating a fun and safe environment in which to experiment without fear. Kirstie`s passion for voice inspired me to develop a deeper understanding of my own unique voice and how to utilize it fully. She has always gone above and beyond in helping me prepare for auditions, instilling in me the confidence necessary to trust my performance.