Our Approach

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Here at The Voice Practice we specialize in helping you close the comprehension gap between you and your audience.

Our mission is to help you speak with clarity, confidence and commitment. And most importantly…we help you enjoy the process.

Find your voice – not someone else’s.

The Voice Practice was created by Kirstie O’Sullivan to offer an integrated approach to speaking, presentation and communication training.

Speaking and presenting are smaller parts of a greater process; a holistic process.

You can’t have a persuasive, commanding vocal presence if your body is collapsed, de-energised and out of alignment.

You can’t control your nerves if you can’t manage  your breathing or your inner-critic is in charge.

And you really can’t persuade, motivate and galvanize your audience into action if you’d rather not be there yourself.

Your voice and how you communicate is a personal expression of who you are and how you work.

We work closely with you to identify and amplify your strong points. We work even more closely with you to identify and minimize any habits which keep you from communicating effectively.

Essentially, we work on enhancing your relationship with yourself in order to create an awesome relationship with your audience.

We Walk the Talk

As voice coaches and presentation and communication trainers it’s important to practice what we teach.

The Voice Practice trainers enjoy successful livelihoods as presenters, actors, directors, speakers and trainers.

To be successful we’ve had to develop the ability to create presence, manage nerves, read our audience, speak articulately and powerfully, rehearse our performances and improvise when events don’t necessarily go as they should.

And we put it into practice all the time.

Most importantly, we’ve learned how to enjoy the whole process!

We look forward to sharing the power of our craft with you.

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