11 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Voice Strong & Healthy: Part 2

11 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Voice Strong & Healthy: Part 2

In our last post we checked out all the ways in which you may be compromising the health of your voice and undermining your communication as a result.

So how can you make sure you’re not going to run out of vocal steam right when you need it the most?

What’s (genuinely) good for you is generally good for your voice

So try and maintain a great state of general wellbeing.

It sounds simple, but good sleeping patterns, exercise and diet are as important to the voice as they are to the brain.

The great thing about the voice is that it involves practically all systems of the body. If your body is tired, un-rested or run-down you can guarantee this will show in your voice.

Is your body out of alignment?

If so, your voice may be feeling a little ‘stuck’ too.

As Lorranine Merritt says in her fantastic book Talking the Talk: Communicate with Persuasion, Panache and Passion; ‘Our bodies are designed to fully display the principles of balance. When the human body is perfectly balanced and centred, it is free to allow endless possibilities for physical expression’.

Where are you unbalanced?

When your body is out of its natural alignment, this can create compensatory tension. Of course there’s a degree of tension inherent in just standing upright, so we’re talking about unnecessary or excessive tension here.

Do you carry unnecessary tension in your neck and shoulders? Does your jaw begin to feel tense and tight towards the end of the day?

Try a little experiment right now…clench your jaw and tongue as tightly as possible and grip your belly muscles. Say in your brightest, most effervescent tone ‘Hi – how are you today?’ How did your voice sound? A little strained perhaps? It’s remarkable how even the smallest amount of unnecessary physical tension can affect us vocally.

Learning to ease habitual tension through stretching, practising yoga, Alexander Technique or any other of the many body practices available can be a huge boon to your voice.

B – R – E – A – T – H – E

Remember to breathe.

Again, we know this sounds incredibly simple, but often when concentrating single mindedly on a task or project, many people can hold their breath for periods of time, or breathe very shallowly. Just make sure you remind yourself to breathe fully. This will support your vocal life tremendously.

So there you have it. Creating a strong, vibrant and energised vocal life is a daily practice.

If it all starts to feel a bit overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, experiment with introducing one small change per week.

Perhaps focus on your breathing for a week, checking in and observing your breath 10 – 15 times during the day.

Then work on another aspect the following week. Even small changes can lead to big results if they’re practised consistently over time.

Go well – and don’t forget to let us know how you’re going.


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